Artist in the Schools

Karen Cornelius brings innovative printmaking and mural creation residencies to Manitoba students through the Manitoba Arts Council’s, Artists in the Schools Program. She has done residencies in northern fly in reserves, Hutterite Colonies, rural, inner city and many other schools in Manitoba.


Printmaking Residencies

is the transfer of an image from one surface to another. Students explore printmaking using one of several techniques such as reduction relief block-printing, collagraph, or silkscreen. The results are strong, colourful, and innovative images.

Learning printmaking skills expands students’ visual vocabulary and opens up a whole world of creative expression. These printmaking techniques allow all students to participate and experience success.

Mural Creation Residencies

Students are led through the exciting process of creating a permanent mural for a specific location inside or outside the school. The students are guided through research and design and learn about composition, colour, perspective, scale, texture and patterning related to mural creation.

The creation of a permanent school mural normally requires a minimum of three weeks The second and third weeks will be dedicated to production and will require students to participate in smaller groups

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