Eritrean Video Art Project

EVAP / Eritrean Video Art Project was designed to assist the Eritrean community in Winnipeg to enable their youth, (ages 15-30), in partnership with the older generation, to explore their creative voice in video art as a way to articulate their experience of growing up in and navigating two cultures.

The EVAP project provided an opportunity for the Eritrean community and their youth to gain more understanding of art video. There was enormous energy and excitement at the initial screening of these video works as the community members viewed work which represented their youth’s perspective, ideas and themselves as actors. This type of opportunity empowers a community and gives them a voice. The students expressed positive comments on the final evaluation forms and community members expressed how much they valued this opportunity to collaborate with and support their youth in this video creation project.
EVAP Robel, Lydia, Amanuel and Henok KC_EVAP_ camera work