Youth WITH ART 2015

Bottled Up
An Eco Art Action Project

Eco Art Action is a multidisciplinary art-based movement developed through the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Youth WITH ART program.  The WITH ART program in partnership with Manitoba Environmental Youth Network (MEYN) and Dakota Collegiate., engaged high school students in the creation of stop motion videos which explored environmental issues.

Youth WITH ART partners professional artists with community groups to work on community identity, issues, and shared goals through the development of an art project. By engaging in the artistic process and interacting with professional artists, young people are given a chance to express themselves and often gain a deeper understanding of their own communities.

Youth often report that they feel disempowered and isolated in regards to environmental issues. It has been well documented that the attitudes and habits that are formed during the teenage years are formative in how individuals make decisions throughout their life. This project raised awareness of environmental issues and engaged the students in discussion of meaningful positive solutions. If a better world can be imagined steps can be taken to achieve it.

To view the student videos

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Project Manager
Karen Cornelius

Winnipeg Arts Council
Alexis Kinloch – Public Art Projects Coodinator Tricia Wasney – Manager, Public Art

Manitoba Environmental Youth Network
Ellen Cobb Friesen –Youth coordinator
Natalie Baird – Volunteer
Jonathan Ventura – Volunteer

Dakota Collegiate
Tom Roberts – Art teacher

Karen Cornelius – Artist
Alison Davis – Artist
Brenna George – Artist
Natalie Baird – Artist

Alison Davis
Brenna George

Additional Contributing Organizations
Video Pool Media Arts Centre
Jen Smith – Distribution Coordinator
Louis Riel School Division
Ingrid Pedersen – Arts Education Coordinator