Flin Flon

Hapnot Collegiate

The Hapnot mural project was a collaboration between the art teacher Christie Jebele and history teacher Kristin and artists Karen Cornelius and Annie Bergen. The mural matched history students with art students in an exploration of the indigenous history, mining history and remembered history of Flin Flon for three 4×8 mural panels. Research informed image as the students created individual collage works that, were integrated into the large finished mural design.

1AIS_indigenous historyMURAL_FlinFlon 2.AIS_Mural_detail pre historyFlinFl 3.AIS_Mural_Mining historyFlin 3aAIS_Collage_FlinFlon 4AIS_ history of Mine detailFLIN 5AIS_MURAL_detail mining historyFin 6AIS_Mural_remembered historyFLinF

Ruth Betts School

All the Teachers at Ruth Betts School collaborated with the artists Karen Cornelius and Annie Bergen to research and explore the boreal forest with their students. The students created drawings, which were compiled by the artist onto large panels. Teams of students painted and did the mosaic work in collaboration with the artists.

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