Morocco – 2014

Residency in Morocco

9.Morocco blue1karenMorocco

The installation created in Morocco charts the migration of people back and forth between Africa and Europe during my residency stay.  I printed an airplane on the roof tiles one for each flight, going north to Europe and one for each plane going  south to Africa that I counted in the sky during my residency.

Highlights of the residency included connecting with Atelier Observatoire Baouskour Maroc,artist run centres Le Cube and L’apartement 22, and visits to Ville des arts and the Marrakech Biennale.

2installationgallery1682 3installationdetail 4.2014_Migration_Print Installation Morocco 5.Atelier Observatoire Baouskour Maroc2 6.AtelierCasablanca 7.Ville des arts.Casablanca 8.Morocco streetMarach2014 L 806 10. Morocco 114