Struggle within Tiamat

In this series of etchings I am visually referencing the struggle with in Tiamat (the Babylonian chaos dragon from a creation myth) I am trying to make some sense of the chaos in the world around me and create some order to help me deal with this chaos. I made this work years ago and find it just as relevant today.

I created the colour etchings on zinc plates, with the aid of nitric acid and resist grounds. I applied the colours using the viscosity principal to each individual plate using several large and small rubber rollers. After inking the plate, I pull an original print onto a sheet of rag paper by applying pressure to the zinc plate using a hand operated etching press.


The Word is Heard

Father Sky, Mother Earth

Generations to Reveal

Mysteries Unfold

Principalities in Struggle

Persistent Death

Birth of Hope

Eyes of Past and Future Worlds Observe

Earth’s Guardians Awake!

Life Grown Tall

Immortality Desired but Death Remains

Poem – The Struggle in Tiamat

Title Page