Sugar – Artist Statement

Sugar is a multi-phased interdisciplinary installation project created as an exposure of the tumultuous period for a girl coming of age in a sexualized and media saturated culture.

The project was conducted in four phases. Phase I Collection of Text Phase II Writing of Text by teenage girls on the sidewalks in the neighbourhood. By allowing the girls to speak for themselves in public through the use of private written text, it exposes both their vulnerability and their strength  Phase III Video Capture of the writing of text which was used to create an art video. Phase IV Creation of Artefacts Mono prints were pulled from the written text on the side walk.  The text reverses in the process indicative of the adolescent experience.  The mono prints also at times sustain an effect, which is reminiscent of tears.

I am making work about disturbed adolescent girls because I am disturbed by their experience.